Ability to use the same character for creating activities or new scenarios

1 year ago

This means that we can create a character, for example an animated drawing, and that same character can be represented in different scenarios and doing different activities. For example, I create a character who is a girl with a unicorn horn and I can make an illustration playing in the park, another with the same character brushing their teeth in the bathroom, etc.


Tath Kositanont

7 months ago

Not sure if uploading the generated character as reference can help --> Naming the Character (File)?


YoZeus .com

8 months ago

This would be absolutely incredibile! I hope this gets implemented.


Ro Fa

11 months ago

One way to accomplish this may be thru Google Colab (see tutorial video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjObqq6we4U ). Would be nice if you could integrate something similar to ArtSmart, thus you could animate portraits but also use it to give portrait images another layer of a multitude of different expressions, where the charakter is looking to, how open or closed the mouth, the eyes, etc. 


Marcelo Oliveira

11 months ago

It would be interesting to be able to give names to characters, objects and scenarios, and then reuse them in different prompts.

Ex: @DarthVader and @Yoda playing 3D chess on @TheLittlePrince'sPlanet.


Melissa Tumino

1 year ago

I would use this feature all the time! I have some great outputs but I would love different pictures and scenes of the same character Artsmart made. 


Will Smoot

1 year ago

This would be incredibly useful! 


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