Better organized creations: Folders, tags, better views of all imags

1 year ago

UPDATE: Implemented! 


For futher feedback please join us in the discord channel.  We've made a channel specifically for further needs on this feature! 



I have multiple projects and I generate images for illustrate my novels. It will be great to have the possibility to create folders and subfolders. For example, LMS, Book A - Character A , Book B, Website A, Website B, etc.

On profile page or another page when we can manage our creations.


Johnny Sin

5 months ago

Please add function buttons which:

- add new generations to collection folders automatically (so users don't have to search through their entire profile for a image

- visibilty to create new collection folders easier to see or place this button on the profile dashboard interface (super hard to find at the moment)

- a User Interface function button or intuitive selection tool which gives the user ability to bulk select images in their dashboard profile (currently you have to select each image 1 by 1 which is super time-consuming and fustrating) so it can be tagged, deleted or added to a collection in bulk


Robb Wallace

11 months ago

Is bulk download and organisation being actioned? Seems to be nothing happening!


Deepeyed .

11 months ago

Quick bit of feedback on the beta.

The ability to specify the collection the image goes into before the creation in the playground would be helpful. Just a setting below the prompt or something.

A display option, like we currently have like all-collection-presets now in profile, but by prompt (or subject in prompt) — because I now have a large wall of images to scroll through to get to some of the older stuff and I can’t remember what made the prompts unique to just search for them.

Some of this comes from the all/collections approach. To me, it would be better to be able to move the images into folders/collections to keep things grouped and tidy, which is the standard approach most people are familiar with.


Robb Wallace

11 months ago

And the ability to select multiple images for download in bulk. 


Super Admin

1 year ago

Should also consider search and tags for better categorization.

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