Generating images without backgrounds!

1 year ago

Can images be generated without backgrounds like png transparency? A lot of images are extremely detailed even utilizing an AI background removal tool may be challenging. Providing images with transparent backgrounds would be an awesome feature. 


Christopher Wells

9 months ago

I would like to be able to use ArtSmart.ai as my main resource for any artwork that I have. I do however require a background removal tool that would remove the background of existing photo images, any raster image and more specifically images already generated using ArtSmart.ai


Juan Pablo Marichal Catalan

11 months ago

I want to create book coloring art, several levels of difficulty, but many of them addressed to kids. That means linear art, vectorial style, and the drawing must be pretty simple. Instead of it, if I ask for, say, a bear, I get a very intricate detail. Sometimes, the bear itself is simple, and that is useful, but the background is very intricate, and there's no way to make it simpler. 'No background', 'white background' and similar instructions doesn't work. Transparent or white background would be nice.


Erik Rosales

1 year ago

+10 on this one!! It would be amazing


Rebecca B

1 year ago

This seems to be one of the harder things to find in ai graphic software, so I would LOVE to see it show up in ArtSmart!  Not sure why so few platforms do it, but I know a lot of people who are looking for it.  


Chase Baer

1 year ago

I've been attempting to do similar... remove background, alter/change background


Clay Boutwell

1 year ago

This would be great! I've tried "white background" or "no background" but nothing seems to work. Having an option to not generate a background to begin with would be awesome.


Alcor C

1 year ago

I agree! This would be great and a unique feature I never saw on any other ai-platform.

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