Logo Generation

1 year ago

Ability to promt for logo shape, decribe image and text.  Give multiple options to choose.  Once chosen a logo that is close, use additonal prompts to fine tune.  Once locked in, ability to prompt to change angle, lighting etc.



7 months ago

YES! This had been my issue as well. I still hired someone else. Regardless, having a tool to at least touch up a logo would be great!


Christopher Wells

9 months ago

Yeah, the best site I have found for creating logo's so far is https://smashinglogo.com/

I am wanting ArtSmart.AI to my one stop shop for all my ai artwork, hence having the logo generator incorporated into it would make my life simple rather than having to turn to other resources.

I would really like ArtSmart.ai to help me come up with unique logo designs that not everyone can find elsewhere on the world wide web.


Nico Knoester

10 months ago

Yes, i so want this option! Love also to place my logo somehere in a generated picture!


Erik Rosales

1 year ago

This would be huge!! Cant recreate this in Midjourney for example...


Chase DiMarco

1 year ago

I tested out creating a podcast cover art but no luck so far

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